Xiaojie (Alice) Zeng

UI / UX Designer

I'm a UI / UX designer who is enthusiastic and creative, dedicated to implementing inspiring ideas into real life, designing for aesthetics, emotion, and experience.

I did my Bachelor’s degrees in Multimedia Telecommunication (Queen Mary University of London) and Telecommunication Engineering with Management (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications) from September 2010 to July 2014. In December 2016, I completed my Master Degree in Human-Computer Interaction at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

In 2015 Fall, I was the teaching assistant for Information and Interaction Design. I assisted Prof. Michael McQuaid in aiding students with problems faced with design, sketches, and prototyping, and grading students' homework and projects. In 2016 Spring Usability Testing course, I tutored students in testing material, equipment, and skills. Also, I demonstrated eye tracking equipment and analysis tool to the class.

In RIT  FET Lab, I worked as a research assistant from September 2014 to May 2016. I researched on how users easily customize and personalize fabricated Internet of Things (IoT) devices, designing a system to help users arrange modules inside any containers and 3D print out. After that, I continue to design and develop an application to help users reduce the amount of time spent on smartphones.

For working experience, I had a UI/UX designer intern from August to September in 2016. My responsibility is to evaluate the official website, Office Automation(OA) software and mobile OA application, and synthesize user research and expectations for actionable recommendations. During the summer internship in 2014 at Chongqing Television, which produces TV shows and News in Chongqing, China. I worked as an interaction designer, designed multiple interactions for a digital TV program, also edited scripts and done post-production for Say It Out Program. Besides that, having led a team to complete projects, worked for the Student Union and organized several conferences, I owned capabilities of management, leadership, and communications.

Combining knowledge that I learned from Mobile App Development in iOS and Android, Mobile Design, HCI with Mobile Devices, User-Centered Design, Information and Interaction Design, Usability Testing, Interactive Media Design, and Multimedia System with 13-year experience in drawing, I am confident that I will make a very successful and creative UI and UX designer.


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